Question: What is the quality of denim like?

Answer: The material of our Denim Jackets is a 100% cotton, it is non-stretch and very breathable. If we were to compare our denim to some of the top brands - we are happy to say it's the same quality. We took inspiration from the big giants Like levis etc. dealing with denim and wanted to make sure all of you get the same quality from us.


Question: Does the paint come off with a wash?

Answer: Absolutely not, that being said, the wash care is important. You must wash your denim with your hands in cold water. The paint will not come off. We use very high quality acrylic paint and paint made for the exact use of fabric and denim. Denim as a material does not let the paint crack, because it absorbs the paint well and gives us a good canvas to paint for you.


Question: How Is a piece made? Do you print or paint?

Answer:  This is one of our most frequently asked question. We make each piece with our hands. Each piece is made separately, it is not a factory produced good. While those have their own charm and are beautiful in their own might, Avalipt wanted to sell something so much personal and clothing that was just beyond factory printing. We wanted you to have art in your wardrobe.


Question: What’s the procedure of getting a custom made jacket?

Answer: Custom Made jackets is something we love to make for you! Our prices for the jacket completely depend on the artwork. You can feel free to send us your own jacket and we will be happy to make it on that for you! And all custom made jackets are pre-paid. 
The procedure is simple - you drop us a message on our whatsapp number 7557023104 and we'll help you out with the rest.


Question: How much time does it take for you to ship a jacket?

Answer: Since we make each piece separately, it takes us a minimum of 3-4 days to ship a jacket out and 5-7 days for it to reach you. Avalipt is dealing with a very high order quality and we’re so so so happy that you all love our art and appreciate it so much! We might take an extra day or so to make your jacket, but the wait will be worth it.



Question: Can I return a jacket?

Answer: Anything you have bought from the website, which is not a custom made jacket, can 100% be returned. You must let us know in the first 5 days of receiving the order. All you have to do is drop an e-mail on or send us a message on +91 7557023104 and tell us your order number and name. Once we receive the item, and the item is not damaged, worn or torn, we will refund your money in full, into your bank account. If you have a size discrepancy, please mention it in the e-mail, we will send you the size that you’re looking for. You will have to cover the cost for shipping it back to us.


Question: What’s so special about a Avalipt Jacket?

Answer: Everything. Everything because someone actually spends the time and energy to make a piece for you! Because you are special, and that’s all we want. For you to wear your own expression, art that you relate to, for whatever it is that you stand for! So, we’re all a bunch of artists making art for anyone who is an artist, who loves art and you could be anyone, a musician, an artist, a dancer, a chef, a sportsman, a doctor, a salesman, BUT for everything you do, we know that whatever you excel at is art in itself.  You appreciate art and we adore you.

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