Avalipt is a hand-painted luxury clothing brand creating truly unique artisanal designs. Re-writing the fashion world’s approach to individuality under the creative direction of Shomby Goswami, President Gold Award Winner & NIFT India Topper.

Each artwork is distinctively designed echoing the wearer’s identity while reflecting the sartorial trends. Here at the studio, India’s finest artists hand-paint each design individually, breaking away from mass production —resulting in a timeless piece that is truly eccentric.

We use exceptional quality fabrics and hand-tailored to perfection to give you a luxurious experience.

The beautiful process of hand painting one-of-a-kind designs brings out the persona and emotions of the wearer, echoing the wearer’s identity as well as reflecting the sartorial trends.

Homegrown- rooted by its vision, distinctively designed with exceptional quality fabrics and special washes in timeless designs, each piece is made well to last a luxurious experience. For us, luxury is quality and not the price: the finest pieces are made with exemplary precision and supreme care.


At Avalipt, we strive to channel - individuality by providing personalised hand-painted designs made with utmost finesse, echoing one’s identity as well as reflecting the sartorial trends.

The beautiful process of hand painting, creating one-of-a-kind designs brings out the persona and emotions of the curator, making every piece unique and unparalleled. As a brand, we gracefully adhere to the concept of “utility infused aesthetics”. 


Upholding the inherent need to stand out in a crowd and leave an unforgettable impression, we stand as a platform where you can voice your wants and expectations by customising a piece, composed just for you. Having something customised, enunciates about you and your PURSUIT OF IDENTITY. The way we dress reflects our style statement, an extension of our identity, and Avalipt’s hand-painted designs give you the opportunity to reinvent not just your style but your identity as well. 

“Identity statement over style statement”

Catering to the same, every Avalipt piece is a product of scarce natural resources and delicate human labor, made meticulously with uncompromising craftsmanship. As a mindful brand, we offer an easy guide to navigate the perfect sizing, an appropriate fit, and high-quality fine materials — all coming together to accentuate your confidence when you walk into any room. 

As we believe, having great quality products and essential luxuries is all part of the ethos of ‘relative luxury’.


We draw inspiration from all walks of life. Every design and piece of ours has a story behind it. The very name Avalipt stems out of the Sanskrit word - avalipta which means smeared. The human hand is a work of splendor and hand painting breathes life into a piece of art: is the essence of the brand, of how it all started. 

A concoction of passion, diligence, and love for art is what avalipt stands under the vision of our founder Shomby Goswami, an award-winning NIFT graduate. Being a style-savvy and compassionate woman entrepreneur, she believes in creating a perpetual impression for every entity. 

With avalipt, she aims to celebrate the amalgamation of aesthetics and personalisation with artisanal hand-painted pieces which will leave you in awe and bring art to your life!

"Not just selling, creating and offering" 

~ Shomby Goswami, Founder

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