"Speaking about an issue is the only way to combat its silence, and dialogue is the only way for innovative solutions to occur.”Periods [have long] been associated with dirt, disgust, shame, and some might say fear. Normalizing menstruation as just a healthy, positive part of the female life cycle - is really important. What lengths a woman has to undergo to hide her stains and daag during her menstrual cycle? NOT ANYMORE. PERIOD.




We at Avalipt on this International Women's Day are normalizing the stigma about period blood amongst men and society at large with the campaign - IT’S JUST BLOOD in association with @storysellercomics revolving around “Men killing period blood stigma ”.



The campaign was conducted near Matteo Cafe, Church Street, Bangalore to promote a simple yet strong message i.e. IT’S JUST BLOOD! AND EVERYONE BLEEDS! marching towards a transparent and accepting society.



(The reel posted by us garnered immense love from our audience and clocked 1 Million and counting views)

The whole concept is to speak up about the perpetual taboo of period blood. Many influential men bloggers took front in this initiative and stood on the streets with placards stating - "Disrupt the disgust ", "It’s not impure", and alike statements.  The highlight of the campaign was men coming up together in a circular formation around a woman debunking the myth and promoting - PERIOD BLOOD IS NORMAL.




Adding to the society through small contribution we have launched an artisanal - period blood-themed hand-painted shirt under our collection - “it’s just blood” with beautiful pieces DAAG(stains), BOOND(drop), KYAARI (bud), and BLOOD MOON.

Men wore avalipt’s it’s just blood collection on the streets of Bangalore during the event which aesthetically represents how menstruation, essentially feminine has been positioned into something dirty and disgusting.

With this initiative and collection alongside, Avalipt wishes to build a concept culture of clothing for men who want to make a difference in society.

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